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Tokyo Motor Show is running at the moment. Have a look at this concept video from Toyota. Interactive interfaces and driver experience seems to be in focus today…

Concept prototypes on augmented TV is emerging on different blogs.  So this AR-TV might be what to expect after 3D TV and Goggle TV which will change how we watch movies and interact with others… Looks like TV viewing in the future will be a social TV, with live chats, discussions while watching the shows.

Read more: Notion.

Im looking forward to create new concepts for amazing interactive TV-commercials!

Sam Martin has a nice blog post about your future in 2020. He was asked by Forbes magazine to envision 2020 and the result can be seen here: “Your Life in 2020“.

So a future word for you: “Wuffie”. A Wuffie is “conceptual social Metric based on what others think of you”. From the blog: “The term “whuffie,” by the way, is a word coined by author Cory Doctorow in his book Down And Out In the Magic Kingdom. It refers to the measurement of respect or karma a person gains or looses in their lives. In Doctorow’s future, humans have implants in their brains that visually project their whuffie, which has replaced money as currency.”

You can download his science fiction novel at the site for free. Meanwhile – take care of your social carma!

Geo-location services, tourist information, weather updates, social networking tools, music and of course matchmaker targeting. This cool technology will probably be the next step, on how we communicate/interact after the ongoing mobile internet phase. See this live at Stark Expo, May 7th, in New York… or is this a viral campaign for Iron Man 2?

Toyota Auris Hybrid market their new car with the use of AR - in a very well done production by Saatchi & Saatchi and North Kingdom from Sweden. I have never before seen such a creative AR solution like this – and I am amazed. Had a meeting with one of the developers today who showed me a cool demo.

By using different markers you create your own “AR story” with the car, and of course you can record your own video with your webcam, upload it and share it online. Even if you are not familiar with the german language (site is relesed in german only so far)… you can look at the uploaded videos from users and be inspired by the concept…

Technology used is Studierstube which is faster than for ex FLARToolKit
“Studierstube is a software framework for the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality applications. This framework was invented to develop the worldwide first collaborative AR application. Studierstube is developed at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz).”

Way cool!

From  http://blog.toyota.co.uk/iq_reality-new-augmented-reality-video

Thank to blog form kura kura. “Doritos presents the real (and biggest) augmented reality of the world! Release your Doritos lover: www.doritos.com.br

Location: London. Read here. Just waiting to see this in B2B events!

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